Dan Ferrara, Owner & Principal

Dan Ferrara has been developing successful products for over 40 years.  

FDI offers full design services and consultation for any type of project. His 40+ years of experience are unparalleled in this market. 

He holds a degree in Industrial Design from Parsons School in New York, studying under Katavalos. Dan has worked with Olivetti developing the first laptop computer, with IBM, helping to secure a $3.9 billion Air Traffic Control contract, which at that time was the largest contract IBM had won in their corporate history.

Dan believes that there is a strong correlation between the design concept and the final execution, the designer and the manufacturer, the artist and the engineer. Successful design combines pleasing aesthetics and logic to form a product that is expressly coherent in human factors, current trends, and visibility. By combining these elements Ferrara Design can create meaningful identities for an ambitious assortment of products.  

Dan Ferrara is capable of finding this balance and making your ideas come to life. In this evolving profession boundaries are being blurred by new technology and the desire to discover innovative ideas in a product saturated environment.

Ferrara Design is here to help.